Here’s a few moments over the last couple of days here at the farm whilst we’re in holiday mode.

The German Shepherd puppies Banjo, Matilda and Rosie are in charge of the pre rinse duties here at the farm. They take their jobs very seriously.

Freddo the Rottweiler’s favourite place at the farm (apart from the pool) is on the couch with his humans. Especially the little ones. He just loves lying with them and licking their feet or their bellies. Freddo you are one beaut dog and we love you soooo much.

The holiday pack are loving their days here at the farm. There is a lot of time spent running with the bike, swimming, playing together in the back yard and simply relaxing with our family.

The Mastiff X puppies have grown exponentially, they’re BIG puppies. Except for the tiny brown and white girl, Miss Pink. She might be the smallest but she is in charge. The biggest boy, Mr Orange is such a sweetie pie he gives Luke a big hello every morning and follows you around licking the air until he gets to you for a kiss.

Shadow is doing well, she’s been enjoying having Luke to herself in the mornings whilst Luke has been prepping an area for some more doggy accommodation. Like the rescue dogs before her who loved every minute helping the guys renovate the back garage, Shadow is also loving the project these holidays.

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