Let me show you my minimalistic pet grooming kit that would make a great starter kit for someone just getting into dog or cat grooming!

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Tools Mentioned:

•Black Blade Case with Lid:
•White Tool Caddy: Dollarama
•UltraEdge Blades: (*FC not Skip Tooth*)
•Black Pearl Shears:
•Fresh Shears:
Makai 7"
•Furminator Curry Brush:
•Rush Brush: Dollarama
•Zoom Groom:
•Blue Nail Clipper Dupe:
•Cat Nail Clippers:
•Large Orange Miller Forge Nail Clippers:
•Medium Orange Miller Forge Nail Clippers:
•Metal Comb: (Off brand)
•Metal Comb: (Wahl)
•Conair Deshed Rake:
•Upgraded Furminator Rake:
•Large Coat King Deshed Comb:
•Small Coat King Deshed Comb:
•Carding Tool:
•Oaster Slicker Brush:
•Metal Pin Brush:
•Soft Bristle Finishing Brush: (with attached pin brush)
•Knock Off Furminator with Blade:
•Multi Blade Dematting Comb:
•Single Blade Mat Breaker:
•Metal Rake Short Hair Deshedder: (U shaped)
•Andis Blue Guard Combs: (Short Set)
•Andis Blue Guard Combs: (Long Set)
•5 Speed Andis Clippers:
•2 Speed Andis Clippers:
•Purple Andis Dremel:
•Cordless Rechargable Dremel:
•Teal Diamond Bit Dremel:

Forgot To Mention:
•2 Pack of Happy Hoodies
•Andis Cool Care:
•Andis Clipper Oil:
•Andis Blade Care Plus Disinfectant: https://

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