Good Morning, Reptilians! This week, I did a video on the top 10 beginner reptiles. These are “beginner reptiles” because they’re easy to find, easy to care for, and/or inexpensive overall. I know I did a couple video similar to this in the past, but those are quite old now. People still ask me very often which animals are best for those getting into the hobby, so I went ahead and did another video about it.
I did want to say that this is by no means an exclusive list. Any reptile can be your first reptile, if you are willing to put in the time and effort to research and properly care for them. Never settle for an animal that you don’t want, just because other people say you should.
Also also, this is in no way meant to be a care guide. If you want to go forward with getting an animal off this list, please don’t let this video be your only source of information.
Alright, I’m done. Have a wonderful week everyone! 🙂

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I know this video is long, so here’s some time stamps:
0:00 Intro
1:45 Crested Gecko (and gargoyle gecko)
3:22 Leopard Gecko
4:31 Corn Snake
5:50 Green Anole
7:25 Rosy Boa
8:30 Kenyan Sand Boa
9:29 Fire Skink
10:48 Day Gecko
12:00 Ball Python
13:58 Russian Tortoise
15:47 Honorable Mentions
15:53 Bearded Dragon
17:26 Blue Tongue Skink
18:27 Hermann’s Tortoise
19:30 iheartgeckos ad read
20:53 Opening my first PO Box Mail

Pictures Used:
Hermann’s Tortoise. Testudo hermanni by gailhampshire –,
Hermann’s tortoise – Testudo hermanni hermanni – panoramio by Björn S –
Hermann’s Tortoise side view by Mayer Richard –
Russian tortoise (Testudo horsfieldii) 1 by Futureman119 –
Hartzel by Living Off Grid –
Gold Dust Day Gecko Hawai’i by Max Lewis –
Phelsuma-laticauda-Saint-Denis by Thierry Caro –
Gold Dust Day Gecko closeup hawaii edit 1 by Steven H. Keys –
Green Anole by lancer –
Green Anole Lizard by GalgenTX –
Rosy Boa (Charina trivirgata) by Brett Daniels –
Lichanura-trivirgata by Athene cunicularia –
Kenyan Sand Boa by Robert Nelson –
Kenyan Sand Boa by ArtBrom –

Thanks for watching! 🙂


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Although I have a few reptiles, I am in no way a reptile expert. I just research a whole bunch and make videos. Please always do lots and lots of research before getting any pet! 🙂

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I’m just a girl with a love for animals. 🙂
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