It has come that time for our 5 beautiful Mastiff X Great Dane puppies to go up for adoption. They have put in hundreds of hours of socialisation and exposure training along with learning a basic level of commands here at the farm and are now ready to continue their lives in their own loving family home.

They are 12 weeks old now and have lived at the farm for 6 weeks learning how to dog. They’re friendly and confident with dogs of all sizes and are particularly sweet with the children.

Overall they are very playful with each other and the other younger dogs whilst being respectful of the older ones. Their activity level is high in bursts of one on one play but they tend to hang back and chill often. So probably a little more inclined to enjoy some regular couch time.

They vary in personality greatly, from the very shy, sweet and quiet Mr Blue to the very brave, a little bossy, sassy and kiddie loving Miss Pink. Mr Orange is the biggest of the litter and he’s also the most laid back, very quietly confident and super sweet. He approaches you licking the air all the way to your face and gives out a vocal hello each morning if you don’t give him a long enough cuddle. Miss Green is second most shy in the group and the second biggest. She is very affectionate and loves the company of humans and dogs, she’s quite laid back. Miss Yellow is the second most confident of the litter just below Miss Pink. Both the girls are often venturing away from the other 3 to be more involved with the bigger dogs play. Miss Yellow is sweet too and much like Miss Pink seeks the kids attention over her litter mates.

These pups will be very big and already they have shown quite a stubborn streak in their training. Definitely up there amongst other puppies. We want to share as much information as we can about each of the puppies that come through the farm for the benefit of the pups as well as for the benefit of their future families. For these guys, we recommend experienced dog owners who are willing to continue their training and understand the ongoing commitment required for a larger more stubborn dog. The good qualities of these guys are plenty, and the stubbornness is just one thing but worth stressing for consideration.

If you feel you’re a suitable owner for these pups and would like to apply for adoption please head over to Central Coast Animal Care Facility’s Facebook page and look out for the adoption post on how to adopt. We will share here too when it’s ready.

Central Coast Animal Care Facility, look out for their future post with details on how to adopt:

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