WARNING ⚠️ This post might be distressing for some.

Please read my description FIRST before watching the video. Please consider if you would like to even go ahead and watch it. We are very mindful of everyone’s feelings here at the farm. We want to spread joy not upset anyone. This kind of video is often ONLY shared within our supporters group or behind the scenes with full warning. BUT we have chosen to share it with you all because we feel everyone is extremely invested emotionally in Shadow’s development. Everyone is very supportive of her and we feel we cannot move forward without sharing where Shadow is at right now and what obstacles lie ahead for her.

The road to recovery is going to be very long. There is no quick fix here and we need for everyone to understand why Shadow will be at the farm for a long time, and why we will be taking her progress very slowly and cautiously.

This video is us being raw and vulnerable about the issues, how Shadow has come to be this way and the way forward.

We are feeling very sad about this, please keep this in mind. We care about Shadow, and we’re not giving up on her but the brevity of her past has hit us.

Her aggression is not the normal aggression we’re used to. It’s not loud aggressive barking then biting, it’s not over food or people. There’s no intention to seek respect. No growl or bite of fear. Shadow’s type of aggression is silent and targeted. It’s violent. We are so saddened to think of the root of this type of aggression. It is surely a result of humans who have likely encouraged such behaviour.

Shadow is a real pleaser so she would have thought she was doing the right thing.

This is just plain sad.

Now we talk about dogs all the time. All day. Every day. But this conversation had us depleted. We are usually people who like to see the positive side of things but considering where this type of aggression has originated from and how it was formed really got to us. We are sad for Shadow.

BUT we are people that believe in things happening for a reason. And Shadow is here for a reason. To be healed and helped.

We are really open in sharing developments at the farm. Usually they’re full of progress though. This one isn’t I’m really sorry.

We feel we need to put it all out there so we are all on the same page and understand Shadow has a long way to go. It’s not going to take a few weeks. This is likely to take months. Please think about this in future comments. We are just two people trying our hardest to help her the best way we know, through training, but we are not miracle workers sadly. It is going to take a long time. And even then will the outcome be what everyone hopes for? We don’t know. But we aren’t going to give up on Shadow. That we can promise.

We had thought at one point, she might be better going straight into a loving home, one without any other dogs and she’d be really happy. This was our thought very early on. We thought does she really need to be fixed? Now we feel she cannot be rehomed with this behaviour, no way. She just won’t make it. Neither will some other dogs likely in the process.

So here we are.

A normal stroll down the driveway with the pack. Shadow was muzzled. No one was hurt. But it fast became obvious when a ball was thrown what the extent was.

It means Shadow won’t benefit from being in the day care setting even when muzzled. The bush walk and afternoon chill outs yes. Weekends and evenings with the family pack and sleepover pack yes. But not the day care pack during activities. She won’t learn anything until she has done the groundwork training first. And we are concerned for her well being. We’re also concerned for her pups. This is not a great early start for them in terms of learning positive social skills from mum. It’s likely we will consider weaning them sooner. They’re 6 weeks old next week. It’s not a problem. The Mastiff X Great Danes came to us at 4 weeks old. But we feel it is going to be a much better start for them. It makes sense for us now why they were so growly and barking so early on.

We don’t often ask for your positive support. You all give it so freely everyday on our posts. But boy do I feel I need to particularly ask for it this time. I don’t think I can read through even a small number of negative comments at this time. If there is I may have to turn off comments I’m sorry. YouTube sadly has a lot of people that pass through and make off the cuff comments. Shadow IS worth it.

Argh. I’m sorry. I have so many happy videos to put together and post too. Bandit is here for his holiday, YoYo and Nike. We’re all having a wonderful break together. I just need to put this here now, we all will know what’s the story and tomorrow we move forward.

Thank you everyone. Thank you for your support.

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