It’s been a very busy Sunday here at the farm today. Our last day before returning to day care 2022!

We have had a surprise litter of 9 x 5.5 week old Cattle Dog X puppies arrive. Sadly mum is having a go at them and they needed to be separated immediately.

They’re the same age Shadow’s so will be brought together in the next few days when all of her pups are fully weaned successfully.

This is the result of another accidental litter with the mother surrendered pregnant. Very sad, but just shows as you can see there is a real big problem when it comes to accidental litters and backyard breeding. It is proof why the rescues stand firmly on desexing all dogs including puppies before they leave their care.

Thank you to their foster family who have cared for them up until this point. They’ve done a wonderful job of raising them.

They’re now here to socialise and be exposed to as many things possible.

I’m sorry to say we are going to turn off commenting for a little while on our videos going forward. Not forever. We will still have them turned on in the supporters groups but unfortunately the comments especially on the rescue posts are weighing on us a little too much at this time when all our energy needs to be positive and in the direction of the dogs. Our own dogs, our day care dogs and our rescue doggies. We know there are so many positive people in our community who support us and we hope that you will understand this decision for just the next little while. Please don’t be saddened by it, we just need a little break from them.

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