It’s our first Friday back after the holiday break and our Friday pack we’re excited to get into the fun.

Harry the Moodle brought a party bag with him this morning. It’s his birthday and his mate Gus got his pawrents at Let’s Pawty Sydney to make him a party crown and bandanna for his special day.

We were all pretty heartwarmed to see that four of our ex shelter dogs were in the day care pack today. Freddo, Yoyo, Conrad and Lucy.

We’ve got nothing but joy for them, seeing them enjoying such a social day. They’ve worked so hard to get here and they deserve another mention. They were all dogs that were not suitable to be re-homed with other dogs, which at the time was accurate. Now look at them. Gee we’re happy for them. Gets us emotional to be honest.

Buddy the Tibetan Terrier was on fire in the paddock today racing the bike at top speed.

Up the hill and into the bush for a bush walk. Sisters Minnie, Ariel and Princess are off to explore and in hope of finding some critters under a rock or log. Don’t worry they don’t but the scents are extra good just after a light rain.

Big credit to Fridays pack, even after their holiday break they pulled an A+ “quiet” without any warm up. Whilst the command quiet here at the farm does mean all dogs stop barking, the purpose of the command is for a calm pack. It’s one of our most important commands at the farm, at the height of extreme excitement Luke can still call them to pause and be calm if it is necessary. And sometimes it sure is.

We had really high hopes for the big blue ball this week. It had already outlasted Monday and Wednesday’s pack but sadly the pin came out and Freddo got a grasp of it, then Bandit joined in to bring it down and finally Tilly launched in to well and truly drown it, there no coming back from that.

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