So many things happening at the farm, I thought today I’d try and record all the happenings that might often be missed or go unrecorded. It’s never the same old, every day there’s a new something. Dogs sure keep it exciting.

First up, someone reversed into the bus this morning on the morning trip. Another litter is on it’s way.

Gilbert hopped off the bus and had a bad turn. He’s had several of these at the farm. He’s had some tests but nothings been found, but he still gets quite disorientated. The first time it happened we were worried he had heat stroke and took him to the vet for a drip. But he has them on cool days, and here you can see in the morning before even getting started. Poor Gillie, after some quiet time, reassurance, a drink and a wet down he starts to be himself again.

Luke talks about our plans for the mixed days like today. The small dogs got off first today so they could greet Luke before the bigger dogs. Next time though, the big dogs will be run first and then the small dogs.

Bailey the Boxer gets introduced to Fridays pack and does really well, he has the most awesome day meeting lots of new friends and getting a chance to use up a lot of energy.

We find something surprising from Barney. Definitely didn’t expect it. Warning at 14:16 minutes, if you have a weak tummy. We here at the farm are very used to everything poo related. Well except Jason, but that’s another story.

A massive thank you to Bella and Koda’s mum and dad who donated a great big freshly caught side of salmon for Barney’s meals. Wow wow wow! Barney loves his salmon and it’s very generous and thoughtful thank you very much.

We don’t usually do bush walks through summer, but it’s such a great exercise for a mixed pack. There is no pressure and it’s low intensity so the small dogs have the chance to mingle early on in the day without feeling intimidated. That said, it’s a hot day so we take lots of breaks and rest stops. During these moments we recorded a few conversations for something different.

Luke discovers Adam has strategically placed a cold bag full of drinks on the fence at a rest stop. Luke remembers Adam did this before we hired him full time and just how awesome we think he is. He really is.

Adam from sent us a text. We misread it because I guess we couldn’t believe what he’d wrote. Our followers/subscribers had donated 100 collars to the farm for puppies and rescue dogs in training and for graduation. How amazing is that?! Thank you everyone so very much. It may be just a collar but we talk about how much the coloured collars are really helping us in terms of feeding, training, observing personalities and very importantly for the future owners to watch in the videos and see which of the pups would be most suitable to their families. How amazing is that!

We talk about Miss Violet. There’s so much to talk about Miss Violet ??

When we return to the playground, it’s big ball time. Winston the Dashie is not going to let the bigger dogs have all the fun. He’s right in there with the pack. Way to go Winston!

Afternoon video to follow …


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