Today the Staffy puppy litter and Cattle X litter came down into the playground at lunch break for a play with Monday’s pack. It’s the first time they’ve been in the playground.

We expected there might be a few pups that were a little shy of the big dogs, but there was none. They have met everyone before, but they actually were energised by the adventure. Some even wanted to run with the pack after the frisbee, like Miss Orange of the Staffy litter.

We are very proud of the farm dogs, the day care pack. They’re incredibly tolerant of the puppies and great role models giving the puppies all positive social interactions. These doggies are really helping the pups with confidence, doggy manners and such a great start in life that’ll set them up for lots of future positive social interactions. And how cool is that? Dogs helping dogs. Warms our heart it does.


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