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Dogs’ paws go everywhere—city streets, muddy paths, garden beds . . . and maybe your bed. If you, like us, have given up keeping your favorite TV buddy off the furniture, paw wipes can be a good investment. A quick wipe keeps your dog from tracking dirt and grime in areas you want to keep clean, while using dog-specific products makes sure your pup’s pads stay healthy and moisturized—and that you aren’t substituting street grime for chemical cleansers on your blankets.

But while most dog paw wipes are a cut above a standard household cleaning wipe, not all are created equal. And with so many on the market, how do you know which one is best?

We tested eight of the internet’s most highly-rated dog wipes and used the following criteria to fairly and honestly judge them all: size and durability, ingredients, scent, cost, versatility, and (of course) my pups’ approval. To help review the wipes, my doggos Remy and Lucy volunteered to get their paws dirty (and were paid for their service in tasty treats). It was a win-win for all. 

The Best Dog Paw Wipes

  1. Best Overall: Vetnique Labs Furbliss Pet Wipes
  2. Runner-Up: Paws & Pals Unscented Grooming Wipes
  3. Most Dependable: Burt’s Bees Multipurpose Hypoallergenic Wipes
  4. Best Deodorizing: Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Bath Wipes
  5. Best Scent: Earth Rated Lavender-Scented Dog Wipes
  6. Best On-the-Go Wipes: Wet Ones for Pets
  7. Best Biodegradable Option: Wild One Dog Grooming Wipes
  8. Best Fragrance-Free: Earthbath Grooming Wipes

Dog sitting with furbliss wipes

  • Pros: Good for coat, ears, eyes, and paws; gentle formula; easy to pull out one at a time
  • Cons: Seal may become less sticky over time

When looking for the best dog paw wipes, you want ones that are durable, cleansing, and gentle enough to use multiple times a day. These wipes check off all of those needs and more.

These lightly scented wipes are made in the USA and are the perfect size for cleaning small or large paws. Their formula includes vitamin E and aloe vera, providing much-needed care to your dog’s hard-working feet. They even get rid of that wet-dog smell with a natural deodorizer called Deoplex, which helps clear away unwanted odors. My pup Lucy dislikes having her paws cleaned, but the packaging made it easy to open, grab a single wipe, and seal it back up before I lost her attention.

In addition to efficiently removing dirt and grime, these wipes are safe to use on your dog’s coat, skin, eyes, and ears. Remy tends to get tear stains around his eyes, and we used these to wipe them away quickly without any irritation. You can even use them with your feline friend if they need a quick clean.

At the end of our research and testing, these came out as the clear winner for their dependability and versatility—and even won Remy and Lucy’s paw-proval for the best dog paw wipes.

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Two dogs sitting on wood floor

  • Pros: Made of bamboo, contain witch hazel and aloe, good for dogs and cats
  • Cons: Suggested use limited to three times a day

These wipes are deceiving, in a good way. When I opened the package to use them on my dogs’ muddy paws (let me paint the scene: we have an unfortunate mud pit in our backyard, and it had been raining for hours), my hopes weren’t high that these thin wipes would be up to the challenge. But my skepticism quickly turned into amazement. These wipes stood up to the dirt splattered all over my pups’ legs and didn’t back down. After I used one wipe to clean all four paws, Remy pranced away without getting a single stain on our new white carpet.

So what makes these wipes so mighty? They’re made from bamboo fibers, which makes them strong and planet-friendly. These fragrance-free pet wipes also include aloe vera and witch hazel, providing a gentle and calming clean. They’re good to use on both dogs and cats, which is a welcome relief for multi-pet households. If they couldn’t get any better, the company also donates a percentage of its proceeds to local pet shelters to fund pet adoptions.

If you’re wondering why these wipes aren’t in the number-one spot, that’s because the directions note not to use them more than three times a day, which might not be feasible when the weather is miserable. But overall, testers Remy and Lucy both appreciated how quickly these wipes cleaned their paws so they could enjoy their treats for good behavior.

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White dog getting paw cleaned

  • Pros: Light and pleasant scent, easy to find in stores or online
  • Cons: Seal can be faulty and wipes dry out quickly

Burt’s Bees multi-purpose dog wipes win the award for the most dependable paw wipes due to their reliable results and wide availability. If you’re in a pinch and need dog wipes ASAP, there’s a good chance you’ll find these on the shelf of your favorite store, and for a good reason.

These hypoallergenic, fragrance-free wipes use 98% natural cleansing and moisturizing ingredients, including honey, and are good for lots of dog cleaning needs.

When I first got Remy, I bought these wipes for any unexpected messes, and they didn’t disappoint. Not only are they great on paws, but they’re gentle enough to use on puppy’s bums when they need a little extra help wiping.

My only complaint is the package is difficult to properly seal, which causes the wipes to dry out. I found it’s best to place the wipes in a plastic bag or container once they’re opened to prevent drying.

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Dog sitting on couch with wipes

  • Pros: Good size and light, pleasant scent
  • Cons: Difficult to remove a single wipe at a time

Nature’s Miracle makes my go-to stain and odor removing spray, so I had high hopes for their deodorizing bath wipes. Unlike other deodorizing pet wipes, these have a refreshing scent that isn’t overpowering. After a muddy walk in the rain, use these wipes to clean up your dog’s paws and fur to avoid a full-out bath. 

These wipes use aloe and vitamin E and are good for cleaning paws of all sizes. The only flaw in their design is their packaging, which makes it hard to pull out one wipe at a time. Since Lucy doesn’t sit still well, it became a battle to keep her from sprinting through the house in her muddy glory while I tried to get hold of a wipe. Once I was armed and caught up to Lucy (usually hiding in her donut bed after leaving a track of mud behind her), these wipes quickly cleaned up her paws so she could return to playing. 

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American Eskimo dog sitting on carpet

  • Pros: Compostable; awesome scent; made for dog paws, bodies, and bums
  • Cons: Not recommended for use around eyes or ears

Lavender isn’t just relaxing for humans—it’s soothing for canine companions too. Earth Rated’s lavender-scented dog paw wipes smell delightful, making them one of my personal favorites. I first bought a pack on a whim when we ran out of another brand and they were the only ones in the store. When I got home to use them, I was amazed at how well they worked and how gentle they were on Remy’s paws and backside. But I especially loved the subtle smell of lavender.

Besides being tough on mud, these wipes are made from plant-based materials that you can throw in your compost bin after use. Along with lavender, they use natural shea butter, aloe, and chamomile, helping to give a much-needed pampering to your dog’s paws and coat. Make sure to avoid using around your dog’s ears or eyes, as they’re only safe for their paws and body.

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Black and white dog sitting on a blanket with wipes

  • Pros: Fragrance-free, safe for sensitive skin
  • Cons: Might get packaging confused with the human version

You’re probably familiar with Wet Ones sanitizing wipes for humans, but did you know they also make ones for dogs? When I saw these wipes and read the positive reviews, I knew I had to try them for myself. Well, my dogs did, anyway.

These hypoallergenic wipes are safe to use on dogs with sensitive skin, which is a relief for Lucy, who’s experiencing some dry skin. Wet Ones pet wipes are fragrance-free and quickly tackle messes from dirt and rain, just like their human wipes. After our positive experience, it’s a safe bet I’ll have a pack of these in my car moving forward. My only worry with these wipes is confusing them with the human version due to the similar design. Regardless, we found these the best dog-paw wipes for on-the-go adventures.

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Dog sitting on chair next to paw wipes

  • Pros: Vegan, made with coconut water and aloe vera
  • Cons: Debatable scent

If you’re looking for paw wipes that are vegan and biodegradable, Wild One’s dog grooming wipes are where it’s at. You might know the brand for their adorable and well-fitted dog harnesses that come in stylish colors. We purchased their harnesses for Remy as a puppy after reading countless positive reviews and loved them, so I was eager to try their grooming wipes.

I like that the wipes include moisturizing ingredients, like coconut water and aloe vera, that won’t dry out a dog’s paws or skin. It’s my goal to produce less waste, so I admire that they’re biodegradable and made from all-vegan materials. For my dogs and me, the scent was questionable. The packaging notes the wipes have a light eucalyptus scent, but that didn’t come through during our testing. After researching other user reviews, there seems to be a divide between those who love the smell and those who can’t stand it. We leave it to you, dear reader, to decide!

White fluffy dog getting paw cleaned

  • Pros: Vegan, plant-based, hypoallergenic
  • Cons: Small in size

Sometimes you want your dog to smell good without strong fragrances; that’s when you need to reach for Earthbath’s Grooming Wipes. These fragrance-free wipes clean and condition your pet’s paws and coat to remove any musty, wet-dog smells. My only caveat is the size: the packaging claims these are extra-large towels, but they’re smaller than many of the other wipes we tested.

I enjoyed the container’s plastic click top that made it easy to close tightly and prevent the wipes from drying out. After Remy came in from playing in our muddy backyard, he happily handed me his paw to clean with these wipes without a fuss. If I had to guess, I’d say he approves of them too and would recommend them to other dogs at the dog park.

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