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Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! Today, I want to tell you about Mom’s breakfast.

Mom eats her breakfast long after I eat mine. She feeds me as soon as she gets up, because I have her well trained. Then she has coffee while I sit in her lap, and then she goes to the computer to work for a couple of hours. By then, I’m usually ready for a long nap.

Most mornings, Mom eats a pretty boring breakfast that doesn’t interest me all that much. It’s either oatmeal with some fruit, or yogurt with granola and fruit. Meh. But some mornings, she makes herself a breakfast smoothie, and let me tell you, it’s so good!

Mom laughs at me, because other than the milk, there is nothing in this smoothie that warrants me getting so crazy about it. She adds peanut butter, honey and some quick oats. As soon as I hear the blender, I jump up on the table, and I can hardly wait for her to bring the glass over!


Because Mom can’t resist  my cuteness, she always lets me have a few licks, even though she says milk isn’t good for kitties. It’s so delicious, I have to thoroughly wash my face afterwards to get every last little bit of the yummy taste.

Kitties, do you like your human’s breakfast food?

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