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BEASTLY’S brand new ‘Living With Tigers Season’ continues with episode three! Showcasing the craziest tiger documentaries we’ve brought to you over the years, we delve into the lives of the most daring big cat owners around. In this episode, we meet the daring owners who keep pet tigers in their very own backyard. Our journey starts with Floridian, Janice Haley, who relaxes in her garden with Saber – a 600lb Bengal male – and Janda – a 400lb Bengal female. Choosing to hand feed her giant ‘pets’, Saber and Janda can’t get off to sleep unless they suckle on Janice’s finger. Next, we meet big cat enthusiast, Carl Bovard, who keeps six tigers and two lions in his backyard as part of the educational non-profit company that he runs. Carl allows members of the public to tour his house and garden and get an up-close look at his cats – one of which weighs a massive 700lbs. Finally, we’re in Texas with 62-year-old truck driver Bonnie Hart, who shares her life with two bears and a white tiger called Anushka. Grandmother Bonnie still cuddles up to her pets each day, hand-feeding them treats like cookies and marshmallows.

Video Credits:
Producer: James Thorne, Danny Baggott
Editor: James Thorne

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