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How many times do we wish that our cats could talk and tell us what they really think? No matter how much we know about feline behavior, and how well we communicate with our cats, it’s just never quite enough, is it? In a recent article for The Guardian, journalist and cat parent Sirin Kale took a closer look at what cats really think. She found that “they do what they want, all the time—and can teach us a lot about how to live in the present, be content and learn from our experience.” The article is chock full of great information and well worth your time to read it here.

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap: on Monday, we told you about feline direct registering and why cats do it, on Tuesday, we featured a beautiful cat tree, on Wednesday, Allegra shared why she likes my breakfast smoothie, on Thursday we featured a fantastic new cat bed from Triple T Studios, and on Friday I shared a Ruby memory.

I love following Nala and Dean Nicholson’s adventures on Facebook. Even though this video is longer than the ones I usually share, it’s just so sweet, I couldn’t resist. I love the little sounds she makes while she’s looking for Dean. The bond between those two just brings tears to my eyes. Enjoy!

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