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Today’s Purrsday Poetry post comes from Les Noble.

Now, cats are often much maligned
By senile females, who, inclined
To think that felines were designed
To be mere furry playthings,
Then find dear pusskins will not stay
Inside the house by night and day,
But often likes to stray away;
This failure to remain inside
Deflates the dear old ladies’  pride,
And, wrathfully, they say things

And other people tell you that
When tricks you try to teach a cat,
You’d do as well to teach the mat! –
The cat is stupid, mulish!  –
‘Compare,’   they tell you, ‘Man’s Best Friend,
Who hopefully   “begs”   on his end….’
(A silly way one’s time to spend!)
The dog thus works to get his food;
The cat does not,   I won’t be rude,
But which is the most foolish?

So if you think a cat to be
A type of dog, fur-lined for free,
Or animated toy, you’ll see
They’re not what you expected;
A cat is useful – catching mice –
Diverting also – if you’re nice! –
And ornamental – at a price!
We all should love them, I agree;
However cats, undoubtedly,
Must also be respected!

I tender the above for your disapproval in the full knowledge that, having been written by me at a rather tender age, it does tend, er, to show  it! – © March 2007

(Les Noble)

Cayley Camilla Beulah Fruitbat aka ‘Pickle’

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