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Tall, sturdy, well designed scratching posts are a must have for any cat home, and if they’re also a pleasing to the human eye, so much the better.

Frisco’s Cactus Scratching Post checks all of those boxes. This tri-post, sisal-wrapped design features a stable, double-layer baseboard. The top and bottom of the cactus feature a moppy plush material.

Cactus Scratching Post features

  • Tri-post, sisal-wrapped design promotes satisfying scratches
  • Cactus shape with flower decorations adds a pop of southwestern fun to any home
  • Moppy fabric plush material on top and base for cats to rub and nuzzle
  • Stable, double-layer base to support kitty playtime
  • Easy to assemble so your cat can enjoy immediately


This scratcher offers fun for kitty and human and is sure to add a bit of whimsy to your home.

The Frisco Cactus Scratcher is available from Chewy. They also offer a single post version.

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1 Comment on Frisco Cactus Scratching Post

  1. I bought the smaller, single cactus version, like this and my girls do love it. Pele uses it the most.

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