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Hi everyone,

Today’s Purrsday Poetry post comes from Erica Herd.

I twist on the sofa like a pretzel knot,

it’s a cat’s life for me.

I don’t know why you’re so busy, but I am not,

it’s a cat’s life for me.

I supervise as you iron the clothes, mop the floor,

but I never soil my paws.

When you clean the toilet, I sometimes jump in.

You towel me off.

I like to be swaddled,

but then I want to be free.

I slap at the blinds till you open the window,

to observe the happenings in my backyard–

Quincy in window

It’s a good life for me.

Why do you go into the world?

It’s better in here.

We have everything we need:

food, toys, a cup of joe,

a cup a joe

cozy napping places.

Quincy TGIF

I like to go in the yard,


but then

Quince in bag

it’s back in in my bag.

It’s a cat’s life for me.

(all photos by E. Herd)


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