Persian pet grooming. ***Some of this video is sped up or slowed down.**
The first step is to clip the cats nails and if needed use a muzzle. Sanitary and the belly are done roughly before the bath.
Cats have greasy skin, using a degreasing shampoo works wonders and finish with a hypo shampoo.
When washing a Persian repeat the shampoo two or three times until the shampoo is like a creamy lather. Rinse well until the coat is squeaky clean.
Wrap the cat in a thirsty towel to soak up water and place a towel under kitty to help absorb water and act as a cushion for the kitty joints.
Blow dry using a velocity dryer.
Comb out mats and undercoat and separate the coat after the cat is dry.
Trim just the tips of the ear hair and above the eyes and forehead if needed.
Pluck the sides of the face any dead hair or loose hair to create a round face.

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