Firstly we’d just like to say a very big thank you. Thank you for your positive and encouraging words of support today. They really worked. We feel a whole lot better about how we can make it work. So thank you ?❤️

The sun was out on this lovely Sunday for us. In the afternoon we headed over to the old truck for afternoon tea and sandwiches. Whilst we had a think about how we could transform the Christmas truck into the Easter truck!

While Luke went off to exercise the shelter dogs, Freddo takes over to protect the house. He’s especially taking it seriously these days as Wolfie is getting quite mobile. Freddo is such a beautiful boy, he loves our kids so much and kisses them any chance he gets.

Out on the run Molly makes some progress with her fear of the bike and happily runs along today for the first time. Might not seem much, but to Luke it means she’s trusting him more.

Back at the house, Miss Red has finally won over Joey. It’s a hard one to win but if you’re persistent Joey eventually shows you her puppy side.

Then it’s time to let all the puppies out of their playground again for dinner time. They’re all so big now. There’s a bit of a delay on the litters being adopted out as the Shelter’s vet can only take two puppies at a time for desexing. So whilst they’re ready to go, they’re not able to leave just yet. The number of them and size of them is a bit much for any of the doggies. Joey leaps up into the car boot and scoots into the front seat to escape them! ??

Then it’s another special warm Sunday dinner cooking in the kitchen. The dogs are keen waiting at the door, waiting in the kitchen … waiting waiting. Cmon Aunty Sam we’re hungry and ready for couch time!

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