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Winner announced in competition to find the nation’s naughtiest pet

A one-year-old puppy, Laya, has been named the UK’s naughtiest pet after a spate of her destroying cushions, duvets and over 20 pairs of shoes! And this should be great news for all of us cat lovers as we can clearly see from the list that our beloved moggies are far less catastrophic than their canine counterparts. 😉

Pet owners across the UK have been sharing hilarious images as part of a nationwide competition by contents insurance providers, SO-SURE, with the owner of ‘the UK’s naughtiest pet’ receiving a £200 Next voucher to replace those slightly chewed soft furnishings.

After over 150 hilariously funny entries, choosing a winner was very difficult, but the look on Laya’s face with the trail of destruction behind her made her a worthy winner…

  1. Laya, Mixed Breed, 1

Laya, a mixed breed from Haverfordwest is the winner of the competition, after being caught destroying all the cushions on the sofa and covering the living room in feathers. The Next voucher might not last too long at the rate this pup goes through shoes, as she has apparently destroyed over 20 pairs!

With so many great pictures to go through, it wouldn’t be fair to only show one. Here are the best (or worst) of the rest, and it’s no surprise dogs are the main culprits.

  1. Evie, Labradoodle, 1

Evie from Leeds almost looks proud she has chewed through the family goal net.

  1. Daisy, Labrador, 13

Daisy was caught raiding the kitchen back when she was 2. I wonder if she found what she was looking for…

  1. Lightning, Greyhound, 3

This cheeky pup from Bournemouth was kindly given an old mattress topper for a new bed, but he had other ideas.

  1. Gwynnie, Miniature Dachshund, 1

This creative sausage dog has fashioned herself a sleeping bag out of a pillow, impressive!

  1. Orion and Cleo, Moggies, 12 weeks

Orion and Cleo, two kittens from Portsmouth, have made a game out of removing and shredding all the toilet paper in the house.

  1. Shelby, Sproodle, 12 weeks

Shelby has chewed a rather large hole in her owner’s favourite reading spot, maybe she was jealous of not being the centre of attention?

  1. Buster, Bulldog, 6

This naughty bulldog from Chelmsford likes to help himself to cushions when the covers are in the wash.

If you haven’t got your fill of cute pets causing destruction, you can find a photo gallery of even more entries on the SO-SURE blog here:

Senior Marketing Manager, Gabriel Cabral at SO-SURE commented:

At SO-SURE we like to have a little fun and we certainly did with this competition. We’ve had lots of great entries, but we just loved Laya’s expression when she was caught in the act! We are pleased her owner can replace those cushions with a £200 Next voucher.”

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