Today was a special day. We met Enzo the 4 month old German Shepherd puppy.

He comes from a family we are all familiar with, our dear boy Riker’s the German Shepherd, protector to all, who sadly passed away.

Enzo is a new family member.

And today was his first day at day care.

He’s already a big boy. A little unsure of what to do for most of the day, it all seemed to come together by pool time.

He showed a lot of interest in going in after Luke. After a couple of swims assisted by Luke and showing him how to get out by the ramps, Enzo made the ultimate leap of faith and swam in not once, but 5 times himself.

Not often do dogs go in like this on their first day, especially not this young, so we could likely assume this might be something Enzo is really going to get into in the future. Swimming is such a great activity for the dogs and they just grow more and more in confidence when they master it and love it.

A great first day Enzo, we’re very happy to have you as a part of the farm dog family.

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